My Blog portrays a mosaic of personal experiences through travel, food and living across many countries. You will find the posts on travel and living lean heavily on the culinary side since this is my area of expertise and special interest.

The theme throughout my culinary journey is that Flava8 is where the traditional flavours of the East meet the contemporary gastronomy of the West.

The Vision of Flava8 is healthy home cooked food using natural ingredients with a “WOW” factor while creating awareness of healthy lifestyle choices.

The Mission of Flava8 is to provide healthy value for money dining experiences introducing innovation into culinary arts through wholesome ingredients and biodegradable packaging.

No margarine is used by me as a practice. Only butter and unrefined traditional oils such as extra virgin olive oil and coconut oils are used in the preparation of food.

If you find that I have not posted during particular periods in certain years, it is because I took time off to pursue my professional qualification as an Artisan Baker, so please forgive my somewhat erratic posts. I will try my best to keep this blog as updated as possible.

My blog includes a few of my favourite dishes that I have had many an enjoyable moment creating, for people I enjoy being with. Food plays a major role in my family’s bonding. We love to sit around the table laden with epicurean delights and spend quality time.  All the dishes in this Blog have received excellent reviews from my guests and customers, and therefore, it gives me inspiration to try out more novel recipes with a spicy twist. I hope you will feast your eyes, liberate your taste buds and enjoy this culinary adventure through many beautiful countries.

You can also follow the flava8 Facebook page for the latest goodies on offer using the link at the bottom of the home page of this blog.

I am in the process of compiling the pictures and recipes of some of my compositions into a cookbook, so if you have any ideas, you are welcome to share them with me.


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  1. I know about Sujee’s culinary talents since I was blessed with the opportunity of tasting her food a few months back. Delicious they were. Her dishes were unique in taste with her own blend of spices giving them that special mouth-watering flavour which makes it difficult for anybody to resist another serving.

    While awaiting your cook book to be published I would like to extend my best wishes to you with this new endeavor.

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