Green Curry

This dish is a favourite among many folks and is served in every Thai restaurant around the World. Variations include beef, chicken or lamb, and these meats are accompanied by an assortment of vegetables, the most common being varieties of Aubergines (Egg Plant). Aubergines impart a slight nutty flavour when cooked. On occasion, mushrooms, beans or long beans are added or substituted for Aubergines.

If you love to cook at home, you could buy the curry paste packs that are freely available on the store shelves these days, or you could be more adventurous and make your own, as I usually like to do! When you make your own paste, you can add ingredients to suit your palate and control the spice level. I tend to favour less belachan in my green curry paste and add extra Kafir lime peel and coriander stalks to enhance aroma and add that extra tangy flavour. This variation also adds extra colour (jade green as opposed to muddy green). Let’s face it, appearance means a lot – apparently 25% of the taste lies in what we see! 🙂


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